No Condom, No Sex: The Story of Las Vegas Sex Workers

Sex Work is fulfilling but Safety Comes First

According to many adult entertainers in Las Vegas, sex work is pleasurable, empowering and well paying. But, they also agree that using condoms with patrons is important in this job. Some women that have been in the industry for many years say that they always insist on using condoms with patrons. That’s because in addition to being a requirement of the health board, it leads to safe and enjoyable sex.

In their experiences, there are patrons that really understand the value of using condoms with their partners and never have issues with it. In fact, some clients ask for condoms in advance when booking the girls. With such clients, sex workers say they find the experience more satisfying and risk free. Among the sex workers, there are cases where patrons have turned violent when asked to use condoms.

Some men that still view women as sex objects feel offended when asked to use condoms by sex workers. However, the health board has also allowed sex workers that operate as independent contractors at the licensed brothels the choice to accept or turn down offers from patrons. What’s more, the rooms used by the sex workers at these brothels are required to have panic buttons to help protect women from violent clients.


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